Friday, July 29, 2011

Can't Get Enough of Writing!

Moving sucks. As if I didn't already have limited time to write, I haven't had ANY for the past few weeks because I've been trying to get things cleaned up, moved, and organized. But during those past few weeks I've thought about my book more than I have for a long time. The need to write has been almost unbearable at times and I remember all over again how much I love to write! So my goal for this week is to find at least 6 hours to write. Even if I just get a sentence out I will be happy.

Impatience, Impatience

Seriously, I'm dying here... waiting for feedback on the contest. Jayne and I both submitted entries, so I'm really excited to hear how we both did.

As a pacifier, I ended up submitting another query to an agent in hopes that I'll get picked up. Luckily I'm now a member of the RWA and URWA so I was able to add that to my query letter. Fingers crossed that there will be good news all around!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Writer's Contest

Well, I did it... I entered. I just submitted both of my books for the Utah RWA Writer's Contest. I've been going back and forth for days on if I wanted to just go ahead and join the RWA (because of the Golden Pen contest). I settled on 'no,' and then at the last minute, I joined. So... here's to hoping I'll take a place in the Utah or the National. Preferably both!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I forgot to re-post last weekend and let you all know that I actually completed my goal last weekend. I'm not exactly sure how I accomplished it, but I ended up writing over 5,000 words over the 4th of July 3-Day weekend. So far I've written a little over 1,500 words this weekend, but I'm really trying to keep at it. I'm so close to completing this book that its getting me excited. Not just because I'm nearly done, but because I'm excited to work on my 3rd book.

I mentioned in my last post that the four of us all went to the RWA conference last October, and that my goal is to be already writing my 3rd book by the time it rolls around this year. Well, I just found out that the deadline for the writer's contest is a short 5 days away. The winners are announced during the RWA Conference, so I'm considering submitted my 1st book... or maybe my 2nd... or possibly both! The thought of it makes me nervous, since it will be reviewed by some professionals; but really, that could be a good thing. So, now I just need to talk to my husband, review what I want to submit (if I want to submit), and wait and see.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


In my first book, I stopped writing once I reached 80,000 words, thinking that I was done. Well, as it turned out, I was wrong, and I've ended up adding more than 20,000 words since then. In my 2nd book (which is a part of the same series), I've just reached 60,000 words, which means that I'm really close to my original stopping point on the original. My goal for the 4th of July weekend is to get 5,000 words so that I'm that much closer to an end product.

Last year, all four of the Writer Chics went to an RWA Conference in October. My goal then was to have my 1st book completed. This year, I'm switching it up a little. Do I want my 2nd book completed by then? Umm, yeah! But, I want even more. Not only do I want my 2nd book completed, but I want to have started on my 3rd. The only thing I can't decide on is if I want my 3rd book to be the 3rd book in the same series, or if I want to work on one of my YA novels.

Luckily I still  have time to decide. All I know is that I want my 3rd project well on its way before this year's conference.